No trip to the Main Line is complete without sightings of green smoothies sloshing around in Bryn + Dane’s cups. This trendy favorite, known for serving an eclectic mix of bright–colored superfoods, is now hitting Center City and bringing with them a passion for philanthropy and pitaya bowls. Located blocks away from the Liberty Bell, expect all the Bryn + Dane’s classics in a space dedicated to cultivating change. 

The first thing you’ll notice upon a trip to the new Bryn + Dane’s is its openness. It’s got all the marks of a millennial–owned restaurant, like high ceilings and an abundance of floating plants. But it also tells a story. Located in the rear of the restaurant is a mural with a bold message. “Give Change,” it says, contrasted against a background of fire—engine red tomatoes and brilliantly yellow bananas. This simple statement is the franchise’s motto. Inspired by the owner Bryn Davis’ trip to Central Africa and some meaningful conversations with La Colombe Coffee owner Todd Carmichael, the franchise aims to invest in the region by providing local entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. Set to open a location in Entebbe, Uganda, Bryn + Dane’s will use the profits from its stateside locations to provide Ugandans with a business built for them and their needs.

Photo courtesy of Bryn + Dane's.

Make no mistake though, the food is just as good the restaurant’s central message. Each smoothie bowl has a silky consistency and walks the fine line between soupy and frozen. The Pitaya Bowls are heavy with dragon fruit, allowing a smorgasbord of toppings to complement the fresh flavor. Meanwhile, their Blue Bowls—made with metabolism–boosting spirulina—taste like a sweet breeze, light yet satisfying. 

If you’re looking for something more substantial, try a Buddha Bowl. Made on a bed of well—seasoned whole grains, these bowls make for the kind of lunch you work into your routine. Filling and adventurous, each Buddha Bowl elevates the typical, trendy grain bowl to something of culinary wonder. The Sassy Ginger is topped with a carrot ginger sauce reminiscent of trips to an upscale sushi joint, while the chicken parm spins zoodles in a combination of tomato and zucchini so addictive you'll want to bottle it.

Photo courtesy of Bryn + Dane's.

Other highlights include the East Asian Bistro Salad and their selection of wraps. Basically a rainbow in salad form, the East Asian Bistro’s bright and citrusy taste is enough of a mood booster to kill any lunchtime rut. As for the wraps, each comes on a flaxseed tortilla that adds a grainy finish to each bite. The Tennessee Bleu, which is essentially a buffalo chicken salad stuffed into a sandwich, has a potent kick perfect for any spice fiend, while the Charleston Honey infuses a sweet aftertaste to an otherwise simplistic chicken wrap. 

Ultimately, Bryn + Dane’s flips the trope of healthy fast-casual dining on its head, creating food that’s good for the body, globe, and soul. Head over for smoothies or salads, and save yourself from another boring desk lunch.


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