Roughly five months into quarantine, boredom and restlessness are at an all time high—the uniformity of routine causing the days to blend together. Naturally, many are eager to change things up; to do something spontaneous, exciting and creative. But being stuck at home and staying safe limits the number of activities available to satisfy one’s appetite for adventure. So for some, restlessness has served as a catalyst for the inception of what seems to be a quarantine trend: completely changing their hair.

The inspiration is everywhere. Dua Lipa’s locks have gone from bleach blonde to neon orange—as shown by an Instagram post with the cheeky caption “orangina quarantina”—and then given hot pink streaks. Armie Hammer gave himself a mohawk and an intense mustache. David Beckham buzzed his head. Rosalia debuted new bangs. Megan Thee Stallion recently posted a photo posing with rainbow ombre hair for Pride Month. And all the TikTok aficionados know that the once dirty–blonde Addison Rae recently colored her hair a brown so dark, it almost looks black.  

So, for anyone who’s desperate to change up their look, here are some tips and tricks on how to DIY your hair from the safety of your own home.  

First, it must be noted that everyone’s hair is different. Some have short hair, while others long; some have curly, while others wavy or straight; some have thick and silky, while others thin and brittle. As a result, the cutting process may—and arguably should—look different for each person and their respective hairstyle. There is no “one size fits all” method.  

That being said, here are some general guidelines that can be tweaked according to hair length, hair texture and personal preference to help you get started.  

Typically, a stylist will cut wet hair, but for the inexperienced, it's best to cut it when it's clean (i.e. washed with shampoo and conditioner) and dry—either straight or how you usually wear it. Make sure the scissors you plan to use are sharp—the sharper the scissor, the easier and more precise the cut will be. Feel free to even order a pair of shears to your home if you’d like. When it comes to actually making the cuts, section off your hair and start small. It's best to begin in the front and to use the first cut as a reference for the other ones to ensure consistency. It’s also recommended to make small snips with the scissors held vertically rather than sawing off large chunks with them held horizontally. 

Be sure to do research of your own for more detailed instructions. Sources like Allure have some great articles, you can also look into articles by Wired. Even Vogue has a couple of pieces like this one.

Youtube is another great resource. There are plenty of tutorials, such as one made by Dominique Sachse and a lot more by the Youtube hair–guru Brad Mondo, including one for those with short hair and one for those with longer locks.

Dyeing your hair is a whole different ball game. It is a longer, more intricate process than a quick trim, but there are certainly a bunch of online resources to help you out, like this video by Brad Mondo and this step–by–step article by Glamour.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to cut yourself bangs or dye your hair an electric blue during quarantine, perhaps this is it. After all, there’s no time like the present. And maybe being forced to resort to DIY haircuts and dye–jobs will foster a newfound appreciation for barbers and hairdressers and the work they do to help us feel and look our best. Let’s all be sure to tip them a bit more generously when we’re able to see them again.


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