Autumn is officially here, folks. And you know what that means: it's time to give your wardrobe a fall fashion refresh. Over–the–knee boots are a must–have in your closet this season. Not only are they fashionable, practical, and versatile, but they are also the ultimate statement piece. 

Reason number one why we love over–the–knee (also known as OTK) boots? By purchasing a pair, you are guaranteed to have an abundance of outfit options for the fall. You can rock OTK boots everywhere from your next errand run to a night out on the town. But wherever you choose to wear them, one thing is for sure: these shoes will have you looking unstoppable. 

There are endless ways to style these boots, making them a favorite of celebrity style icons from Victoria Beckham to Beyoncé. Whether they're worn with a casual over–sized t–shirt, a fashion–forward dress, or your favorite pair of jeans, OTK boots are sure to make your outfit all the more eye–catching. My go–to look as we enjoy these last few weeks of pleasant temperatures pairs this trendy footwear with shorts and a light sweater.

As for my favorite thing about these boots—they allow you to show off a little leg while keeping you warm in the dropping temperatures. As People highlights, wearing this seasonal staple also helps to "elongate your frame.” 

Fashion influencer Crystalin Da Silva, who boasts over 126,000 followers on Instagram, has long been a proponent of OTK boots. In a blog post in which she delves into the ins and out of styling this footwear, she emphasizes that they are an easy way to both boost your height and to dress up your look without putting on a pesky pair of heels. 

If you're looking to purchase a pair of OTK boots but don't know where to start, People magazine published a list of the exact styles of over–the–knee boots that your favorite celebs have donned for inspiration. 

In the more affordable range, channel your inner–Beyoncé by copping this $59.98 (orig. $199) pair of Kenneth Cole boots that Queen B wore during one of her performances. In a lighter, more neutral color that's perfect for autumn, Fergie wore a pair from her own Fergie Footwear line. Luckily for anyone looking to emulate her look, these boots are available on Amazon for only $38.27.

And if neither of these options strike your fancy, you can also check out online retailers like ASOS or Famous Footwear to browse more budget–friendly options.

Over–the–knee boots are the perfect way to elevate your look in a fashionable but functional way and to–more importantly–make you feel fierce. With tons of styles available in across price ranges, there really is a pair out there for everyone.