Calling all pumpkin lovers! Fall is a time for fans of all foods pumpkin–related to express their culinary creativity by trying out some autumn–inspired recipes. As a bonafide pumpkin enthusiast, I attempted to recreate a popular pumpkin cheesecake recipe to see if it could satisfy my cravings.

The recipe I tried out was from Natasha Kravchuk, a food blogger who has been developing recipes since 2009. Her pumpkin cheesecake recipe was given a five–star rating by over 400 reviewers, praised for its shorter prep time compared to recipes from platforms like Allrecipes and SimplyRecipes

The ingredients were run–of–the–mill, and I was happy to discover that I already had most of them at home: cream cheese, eggs, brown sugar, and flour. The only thing missing was pumpkin pie mix, but that was quickly solved with a run to the grocery store. However, pumpkin puree also works as a substitute for pumpkin pie mix if you're unable to find any.

Photo: Naomi Kim

This recipe is easy to follow even for the most amateur of bakers, which is high praise coming from someone known to mess up simple recipes. The recipe involves combining a handful of the ingredients using a mixer, before combining the other remaining ingredients in a separate bowl. Then, the two mixtures are thrown together to create the smooth–finish cheesecake filling. The filling is subsequently poured onto the prepared cheesecake crust, which you can prepare from scratch if you're feeling ambitious or buy ahead of time. 

Photo: Naomi Kim

Pop the cheesecake into your preheated oven and voila: pumpkin cheesecake galore—after waiting a few hours of baking and letting it cool, obviously. Though my cheesecake ended up slightly over–baked, it was still gourd-geous in my opinion. 

Photo: Naomi Kim

This recipe kept it simple and resulted in a creamy pumpkin dessert that is about as autumnal as you can get. Whether you're a cooking pro or a novice baker, this recipe is a great go–to for getting your pumpkin fix. Try out this homemade cheesecake next time you’re craving some pumpkin to spice up your day.


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