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Annette DOnofrio


Basque It

While Jose Garces has made high-class tapas a Philly food staple with Amada, he reinterprets the small plate at Tinto. The ordering format — a number of small dishes to be shared — is the same, but this Basque-influenced restaurant proves that for delicate palates and wine connoisseurs, pintxos are the new tapas. Upon arriving at Tinto, patrons are greeted with rustic-turned-classy decor and mood lighting, making the feel of the restaurant akin to entering a small, underground bar in the Basque country.

Street Walker

I look both ways before I cross the street. Twice. No, this is not a metaphor for a paralyzing fear of the world, nor is it a commentary on the nature of Philly cab drivers.

Gettin' Chilly Wit It: Franklin Fountain

As Penn students, we brag about the accomplishments and accolades of our founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

The Best of Summer

With our final issue of Summer Street ‘09, we bid you, our faithful readers, a fond farewell with this summer’s best things to do, places to go, and spectacles to see.

Square in the Summer

As much as we masquerade as grown-up constituents of the “real world” in the summer — what, with our high falutin’ occupations and very own summer sublets — there is something about these humidity-filled summer months that makes us just want to be kids again.

Center City is Your Oyster

Philadelphia is a city of legacies — aside from its historical origins and sports fanaticism, the city’s food often boasts roots that extend for generations.

Missing Your Major?

As much as we lament finals, rue term papers, and never really want summer to end, we liberal artists sometimes find ourselves missing our chosen areas of study during these three heated months.

Vive La Revolution!

Bastille Day Eastern State Penitentiary 2124 Fairmount Ave. (215) 236-5111 www.easternstate.org/ specialevents/bastille.php You may have gotten your firework fix last Saturday, but this weekend, a different red, white and blue flag will be flying in Philly.

Sippin’ Pretty

As the summer weeks pass and we become veritable members of the workforce (five weeks of Excel and counting!) or delve deep into the throes of academia (what up, Summer Session Two), we’ve come to appreciate the beauty of hump day more than ever.

Red, White and Bomb

Is there any single day of the year more stimulating than Independence Day? Filled with explosions of fireworks (and, perhaps, drunken lighter fluid mishaps on the grill), the Fourth of July is a colorful event in any American city.

What Never Works

Looking back at classics that glorify New York like Annie Hall and Manhattan, Woody Allen lovers were eager for the return to his beloved hometown.

Last Chance Art

If your summer job has kept you away from campus this month, get your ass in gear this week and trek down Locust Walk to Addams Gallery. While the Fine Arts Hall may be shrouded in a cave of construction, brave the scaffolding to check out the last week of “East West South North,” an exhibition featuring photos and art by Penn students who were in China this spring.

The Round Up: 6.4.09

As always, we will be Old City-bound tomorrow to check out the latest and greatest from the contemporary art scene.

Hip to be Square

Though it may be the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and cheesesteaks, our beloved ultra-American Philadelphia can sometimes leave us yearning for influences from other hemispheres.

Pitch Your Tent in South Jersey

When I first received that fateful text — “i think i have mem day plans for us… camping?” — my mind instantly flashed back to trips of my youth.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

As the prospect of the ever-daunting “real world” looms over the senior class, this job market’s slim pickings have inspired some seniors to jump on their 10-speeds and trade hedge funds for hard hats. While some of us have only worn tool-belts as accessories for our Village People Halloween costumes, the do-gooders among us have already taken many an opportunity to make us look lame, rebuilding the world through Habitat for Humanity and Alternate Spring Break programs.

Hole In One

The classic middle school “group hang” invariably took place in one of three locales: your parent’s basement, the local cineplex or the mini-golf course.

King of the Playground

Since papers, interviews and purchasing our own toilet paper can make us feel a little old, what better time than early spring to feel like a kid again?

Soup Wars: The Ultimate Broth Brawl

While many on Penn’s campus consider themselves foodies, I can proudly say that I consider myself a soupie.

Laundry List

Much like a good pair of jeans, a good launderer is hard to find, especially since those precious denims are at stake.
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