There you are, simply trying to contribute to the banter dominating your GroupMe, and no one acknowledges or likes the meme you post. The horror.

What's worse than getting no likes on your post in a GroupMe? Instincts say nothing, but here are a few things, if you can believe it. We can't even.

  • Discovering your close friend is actually a sociopath
  • Discovering you might actually be a sociopath
  • Instagramming a live video of yourself sneeze dabbing and having no recollection of doing so
  • Finding out two people you recently DFMO'd with are best friends. Like, BEST friends.
  • Nursing the world's worst hangover the morning of your midterm. And the Spread Bagelry line is 45 minutes long
  • TA, who heard you chanting "the end is nigh" as he handed back the midterm, now requires you attend office hours
  • Having your third umbrella stolen this semester because it's a cold, cold world out there (literally)
  • Living in a mice colony because your roommate doesn't believe in putting away the leftover General Tso's she had three nights ago
  • Scalding your tongue on a warm beverage
  • The spiraling uncertainty and self–doubt that comes from read and no response
  • Accidentally Facetiming your grandma during the fling concert ("Hi, Grandma!")
  • Only GSRs left are the ones where no one can walk by and see you (368...)
  • Cosi employee shuts you down after you take your third bread sample
  • No rain on the weather forecast—so why is it torrentially downpouring on your way to class?
  • No McFlurries at McDonalds. 
  • Death

Word to the wise, before engaging in a GroupMe, make sure you can mass text all your friends demanding that they acknowledge the post within twenty seconds. It takes a village.