Maybe you know him from class. Maybe you know him from Pottruck, VP or your freshman hall. You always admired him from afar—you just didn't know if the feeling was reciprocated. One night, you and Romeo share true love's first kiss. Romeo professes his undying love for you ("You're cute"), and you swap numbers. You text him later that night, expecting a heartfelt token of his appreciation. Instead, you get this: "Seen Fri 12:38 a.m."

What fresh hell is this? Does that read receipt mean he hates you, or does that read receipt mean he's busy and forgot to respond? Suddenly the most unintimidating scums of the earth become intimidating, all because of this simple neglect. 

The saga unfolds, and you realize Romeo's still interested. He sees you at a party one night, ignores you and then texts "Where you at?" Read and no response is just a game he likes to play. Inevitably, you become like a conspiracy theorist, analyzing all his actions. You become convinced there are hidden clues, euphemisms and innuendos in all your conversations with him. Your friends vet each of his texts. His astrological sign is scrutinized, his Instagrams assessed. Each time you lock eyes on Locust, you wonder if the two of you are dating. After all, he did view your Snapchat story. You waste the better part of a semester in a non–communicative limbo of "what are we?"

Spoiler alert: If he's playing mind games with you, he ain't your Romeo. Read and no response isn't playful, and it isn't cute. It's just rude and shows his game is at a level of pathetic that only a read receipt can remedy. As Queen B once said, you deserve someone who would move mountains to be with you. Never forget that Mumtaz Mahal's lover gave her the Taj Mahal. Highbrow's not saying your suitors have to build you the next Wonder of the World, but we're not saying it's a bad idea either. If your boy can't even bother to text back, he's clearly not worth your time.

Who knows? Maybe he'll get run over by the majestic steed of your actual Romeo.