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Gina Decagna


It's Complicated: Kara Walker and Curating

Street took a trip to report on art in Brooklyn and found it sugary-sweet.

Contrapposto: Taking a Stance on Polychromatism

It’s not uncommon for a Penn student to snap a selfie against the bleariness of the post–winter break Locust Walk setting, add a filter, and voila!

Architectural (Re)Assessment: McDonald's Terrace

This article was originally published as part of the joke issue on 12.5.2013 Burnt–red tiles deck the rectangular space in the front of the McDonald’s building at 40th and Walnut streets.

Penn Grads in Arts and Books

From Van Pelt to the Met, these Penn alums are making and taking care of art.

DIY: Microwaveable Leaf Mandalas

With so many shades of reds and yellows fallen on the ground, you’ve got nature’s supplies for a fall-themed colorwheel. You need: leaves cardboard paper paper towels a microwave ceramic plate hot-glue a picture frame (optional) 1.

Word on the Street: iPhone–solation

This past summer, I was just one of a thousand eager Penn students interning in New York. Four trains—and an hour and a half of smelling body odor—later, I commuted to the Brooklyn–based office from my boring Jersey suburb to gain “experience” and seize “opportunity.” I learned the ropes of tri–state area public transportation, hustled through the corporate crowds of Wall Street and hopped across the East River to be among the hipsters of Park Slope.

DIY: Seashell Picture Frames

You’ve scrubbed the summer sand out of your hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your seashells.

Summer Gallery Hop

With just a trolley ride or skip away, there’s Philly art to admire every day.

DIY: Tissue Pack Felt Case

Don’t let the pollen get you down. Blow your nose in style with a personalized tissue pack.

DIY: Paint Yo' Face

You’ve gone to paint parties and powdered yourself at Holi. Looking to paint your face with some organized design this time? Just in time for Fling, Arts shows you how to do it yourself.

Hole–In–One: "The Art of Golf" at the PMA

At the Philadelphia Museum of Art, golf balls and clubs are about the last thing you'd expect to see displayed.

Wanna Go Flower Pickin

As the daffodils and tulips rise from the ground, Street shows you the best spots in town to appreciate garden design.

The Artful Romantic: 5 Creative Geniuses' Poetic Words on Love

Get some V–Day inspiration from these classic romantics. We've got you covered, Beethoven to Ben.

DIY: Chinese Lanterns

Arts teaches you a new way to use red Solo cups.

DIY: T–Shirt Scarf

Turn your crappy t–shirt into a trendy accessory with these easy steps.

Your Spring Guide To Arts Supplies

Thank God It's (First) Friday

In addition to these First Friday opening receptions, Arts picked out some nearby bars worth checking out only a short drunken stumble away from each venue.

Philly Photo Day: October 26

Grab your Nikon (or iPhone, or whatever) and snap a pic!

Behind the Artist's Studio

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours gives viewers an intimate look into the workspaces of currently–practicing artists. Check out these venues for a rare out–of–gallery experience.
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