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Hallie Brookman


Finding Center

When the clock almost stopped for me.

Academy Awards Drinking Game: Take Two

The 89th Annual Academy Awards is upon us, so it’s time to pull out the champagne flutes, shot glasses, and a nice bottle of Dom Perignon to drink while attendees can’t.

In The Valley

The new IT(V) place in East Passyunk

Fall Must Sees

The Oscars are far away, but many of these movies are already generating a lot of buzz.

I Want The Courage...

As I’m finishing up my junior year at Penn, it scares me that I only have one year left. I made a pledge to write about the things I want the courage to do during my time left at Penn, so here we are now. 

New Netflix Originals

Because, like, what is Flaked about, and why should you care?

Your Oscars Drinking Game

Finish your drink if Leo actually wins.

What's Streaming Right Now

Because you weren't going to do your reading anyway.

Straight Outta the Golden Globes

Highlights from the drunkest awards ceremony in Hollywood.

Your Week in Film (11.19.15)

Including an SNL opener that shows support to Paris and Todd Haynes' new flick.

Movies IRL: Penn Style

What's the equivalent of these popular flicks on campus?

A Tavern That Will Whet Your Appetite

Head across town for a meal to remember.

Summer Must See Movies

Looks like summer time is going to be filled with adaptations, sequels, blockbusters and indies you should all be pumped for.

Review: "Foxcatcher"

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell hit the mat in their new Olympic flick.

Living Our Lives in Film: Hallie Brookman

Trailer of the Week: "Gone Girl"

Street is counting down to fall's most anticipated film.

Trailer of the Week: Foxcatcher

Check out Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo in one of the most anticipated films of the fall.

Trailer of the Week: "The Giver"

The release of the first trailer of “The Giver” captures a glimpse of the upcoming film adaptation of one of everyone’s favorite novels growing up, “The Giver.” Starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, the film tells the story of Jonas (Brendon Thwaites), an eleven–year old boy who lives in a utopian society where one ultimately has no freedom to determine his or her own future or identity.

Review: "Saving Mr. Banks"

We’ll never forget the notable childhood memory of Mary Poppins singing, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” An emotionally dynamic film and current Oscar contender, “Saving Mr. Banks” recounts the true story of "Mary Poppins" author, P.

Trailer of the Week: "American Hustle"

With a special screening of the opening six minutes of “American Hustle” at the American Film Institute Festival, it looks like director David O.
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