The 88th Annual Academy Awards is the biggest event of the year in Hollywood. Because the hottest stars and lucky attendees won’t be drinking or eating as they sit in the Dolby Theater, here’s a way to do the drinking for them.

Take a sip: When Chris Rock notes this is his second time hosting the Oscars.

He’s back, and even though Time dubbed him in 2005 as one of the worst award show hosts, it looks like the Academy is giving him a second chance.

Take a sip: When Chris notes the lack of diversity in the Oscar pool.

After the #OscarsSoWhite controversy and pressure on him to bail, the comedian can use his opening monologue as a time to address (the lack of) diversity in Hollywood… He’s calling it the "White BET Awards". In 2005, he became the first African American to host the Oscar. Drink when he mentions this too.

Take a sip: Every time the camera cuts to Leonardo DiCaprio looking thirsty for the Oscar.

He’s brought home the Globe and several other recognitions for his leading role in The Revenant. This will be his fifth Oscar nomination, and many think that he is finally going to get it. Finish your drink if he does.

Take a sip: When Election 2016 is mentioned.

With Donald Trump taking the lead in the Republican Primaries and Hillary and Sanders battling it out in the Democratic Party, this election is going to be one for the books. Tina Fey is presenting, and as she is known for her Sarah Palin impression, take a shot if she reenacts Palin’s endorsement for Trump too.

Take a sip: When winner of Best Actress in a Leading Role mentions women’s rights.

When Taylor Swift took home Best Album of the Year at the Grammy’s two weeks ago, she found a way to weave in a message of female empowerment.

As sexism is a hot topic in Hollywood right now, don’t be surprised if you hear mentions of feminism and women’s rights more than once…in fact, take a sip anytime it comes up.

Take a sip: If someone slams Kanye.

TSwift didn’t just mention women’s rights, she dissed Kanye West, too. Drink when their feud is brought up.

Take a sip: Every time The Revenant wins an Oscar.

The Revenant leads the Oscar pool with a total of twelve noms. Word is that it’s going to take home Best Picture alongside many of its other nominations (#TeamLeo).

Take a sip: Every time someone thanks God.

Yes, taking home the respected Oscar can feel like a blessing. After years of hard work, it’s finally paid off. Baruch Hashem.

Take a sip: Every time someone cries while giving his or her speech.

Yes, it is an emotional undertaking. Winners are filled and overcome with joy…let the tears flow.

Take a sip: If you’re moved (emotionally or physically) by Lady Gaga’s performance.

She killed it at the Grammy’s, and she’s up for Best Original Song, “Til It Happens to You,” from The Hunting Ground. Knowing Gaga, it will be a performance to remember.

Take a sip: If Straight Outta Compton gets a shout out getting nominated.

Straight Outta Compton got snubbed without a single nomination for the Golden Globes, which added fuel to the lack of diversity in Hollywood. For the Oscars, it managed to grab a nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Drink: Every time someone’s speech is cut short.

Being overcome with emotion and pride, winners have a lot to say. Because they can go on and on with whom they want to thank, the Oscars gives them 45 seconds to share their thoughts. Even when the music starts to play as their time is up, many will just keep going.

The Red Carpet will go live at 7 PM EST on ABC, followed by the Academy Awards Ceremony at 8:30 PM EST. If you feel like pregaming the award show too, drink every time a celebrity is asked who they're wearing.


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