The 89th Annual Academy Awards is upon us, so it’s time to pull out the champagne flutes, shot glasses, and a nice bottle of bubbly to drink while attendees can’t. New rules, same game.

Take a sip: When Jimmy Kimmel says this will be his first time hosting the Oscars.

Yes. He hosted the Emmy’s this past September and is known for his annual Jimmy Kimmel Life: After the Oscars special. It was one of the worst kept secrets; Jimmy had to reassure people that it wasn’t a prank when the news broke. 

Take a sip: Every time La La Land wins an Oscar.

It went 7 for 7 breaking records at the Golden Globes, and has been looking like the frontrunner of the evening. It’s tied with All About Eve and Titanic with another record 14 nominations. Now it’s just a matter of whether it will break Titanic’s 11 wins.

Take a sip: When political statements are made.

Yes. He’ll have been in office for a little over a month, and to keep it short and simple, it’s a shitshow. Grammy winners, announcers, and presenters used the award show as an opportunity to voice their distaste for our current political environment, and this will not be the last time it will happen

Take a sip: When someone namedrops Queen Bey

She wowed the audience with her jawdropping performance at the Grammy’s. Adele even broke her Grammy in half for her… oh and did we mention she’s pregnant with twins too? Yes. She was one of the highlights of the evening and year, and that night just gives even more content to capitalize on during the show.

Toast: When #OscarsLessWhite is mentioned

The Academy did a much better job this year to ensure diversity among nominees—they changed rules for Academy membership last year after the lack of diversity in nominations last year, and this year, it could not be more diverse. This year seven actor nominees are ones of color, and three Best Picture nominees address the minority struggle.This is a drink celebrating #BlackExcellence.

Take a sip: If you are inclined to start singing along with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

He spoke at Penn’s Commencement Ceremony last year, took home twelve Tony’s for Hamilton including Best Musical and Best Score (written by Lin), and now he’s being nominated for Best Original Song: “How Far I’ll Go” from the motion picture soundtrack of Moana. You know you’ll want to sing…. Finish your drink if you do.

Take a sip: Every time the camera cuts to Damien Chazelle.

He’s been the frontrunner of the Best Director category, breaking records for youngest Best Director to take home a Golden Globe at 31. This year, he could be breaking the record for the youngest director to win an Academy Award too… Finish your drink if he does.

And the ones that never get old…

Take a sip: Every time someone thanks God.

Yes, taking home the respected Oscar can feel like a blessing. After years of hard work, it’s finally paid off. Baruch Hashem.

Take a sip: Every time someone cries while giving his or her speech

Yes, it is an emotional undertaking. Winners are filled and overcome with joy…let the tears flow.

Take a sip: Every time someone’s speech is cut short

Being overcome with emotion and pride, winners have a lot to say. Because they can go on and on with who they want to thank, the Oscars gives them 45 seconds to share their thoughts. Even when the music starts to play as their time is up, many will just keep going.


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