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Lucy Hovanisyan


Super Sweet 16 Performer List

Britney Spears Shaved her head recently - not cute Christina Aguilera Soulja Boy Tell Em Asked me to give him a kiss first, don’t wanna do it IRL & mom hasn’t gotten my RAZR fixed yet Lil Bow Wow Says he’s no longer little, doesn’t do this shit anymore Disappeared last week Madonna No, mom.

Meet The Penn Musician: Ben Gendelman

Hand a 9–year–old a guitar and he will become a star.

Album Review: "Hope"—Manchester Orchestra

Some artists choose to write the same type of songs over and over again, but some, like Manchester Orchestra, choose to rebuild their songs from scratch.

Haiku Reviews: 11/6

Album Review: “Money Sucks, Friends Rule”—Dillon Francis

Five Low–Key Spooky Songs

Get Ready for Madeon!

Street: Where did this idea come from?Oscar

Abe Finest

Where Israel meets Philadelphia

Haiku Reviews: 9/11

Cathedrals, Karen O, and Tops get the haiku album review treatment.

Songs To Get Your Subletter Out Of The House

Send 'em packing. 

Haiku Reviews

Haiku Reviews

Roses are red. Fling was sweet. Get back into the beat with Haikus from Street.

Recap: Best and Worst Song Lyrics of the Year

Whether it’s because they’re the lyrics of a virtuoso or because you can’t get them out of your head, we all know the words.

Haiku Reviews

Roses are red / Haikus are sweet / Fling is tomorrow / But right now read Street.

Interview: Forest Swords

English music producer Matthew Barnes, known by his stage name Forest Swords, sat down with us to talk about his music.

Haiku Reviews

Roses are red / Haikus are sweet / It’s not fling yet silly / So remain in your seat.

Colognes or Perfumes That Will Turn Your Partner On

"Light Blue" - Dolce & Gabbana If you are looking for a token feminine scent, this is it.

Haiku Reviews

“THE RITE OF SPRING” THE BAD PLUS If you missed them at The Village Vanguard this fall, listen to this now.

Haiku Reviews

Roses are red. Spring break is over. Read these Haikus if St. Patrick’s Day hasn’t turned you into a four–leafed–clover.

Music Haikus

Roses are red / Violets are blue / Street listens to music / And writes some haikus
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