Some artists choose to write the same type of songs over and over again, but some, like Manchester Orchestra, choose to rebuild their songs from scratch. The band put out a fully acoustic version of their fourth album “Cope,” renamed “Hope.” The project found its way online back in September, but it finall gets a physical release this week. The songs take on a calmer approach, drawing listeners in with melancholy lyrics. The title track “Cope” delivers a dark melody perfect for late night listening, and songs like “Top Notch” and “Trees” showcase the band’s newfound melodic touch. However, lines such as “I used to feel some thrill, now I just feel thrifty” but sound a little too sappy, and not in a “Dashboard Confessional”–throwback–to–middle–school kind of way. Although lead singer Andy Hull delivers smooth vocals throughout the album, at times it’s hard to discern between the sad themes of one song and the next. “Hope” is a few steps above “Cope,” but Manchester Orchestra needs to man up; happier lyrics would be a nice change of pace.


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