1.     Getting back in the groove 

Refreshingly, a big part of this episode was about Castle and Beckett’s struggle to return to normality after his disappearance. It opens with the pair glancing at each other from behind their iPads as they realize that they haven’t slept together since Castle returned. Beckett declares she is “so ready,” but unfortunately, the pair is interrupted by Beckett’s phone ringing. Duty calls, after all. Several further attempts throughout the episode are hilariously interrupted; first by Martha, then by invisible people (we’ll get to that in a minute) and then by Martha again. These are the downsides of living with your mother.

2.     A deal with the Devil 

This week’s murder case threw us for a loop: Beckett and Castle struggle to solve the mystery of a man who was impaled with a pool cue in his apartment. Further complicating things is a security video showing the front door mysteriously opening and closing…with no one coming in or out. It turns out, the man worked for a top–secret government agency that was attempting to create cloaking technology (aka an invisibility suit). His marine biologist ex–girlfriend apparently did not take too kindly to being used for research purposes.

3.     Body glitter and MAN–hattan 

In a fun little side–plot, we see Espo attempting to figure out why Ryan has been acting so sketchy when it comes to his late–night activities. Javi only gets more suspicious when he spots some leftover body glitter on Ryan. Is he cheating on Jenny? Married women don’t wear body glitter. But Espo, did you really think Ryan would? The truth is much less scandalous: Ryan’s picked up a second job as a bouncer at a male strip club to save some more money for his daughter’s future.

4.     What about the disappearance arc? 

This week’s episode didn’t include much reference to the Castle disappearance story arc that debuted in the season premiere. Given how heavily the last two episodes focused on this storyline, it was nice to see a bit of the old Castle formula making a comeback in episode three. Plus, the writers really have to make this storyline last.

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