American Wedding is our generation's ultimate love story: the marriage of a pervert and his nymphomaniac lover. Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) and Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan)--a Jew and an Irish Catholic--embark on yet another American Pie rendition. While it does have potential to be a hopeless disaster, this one isn't. It's hysterical, I promise.

Michelle sets the mood as she crawls beneath the table for a quickie within the first 30 seconds on the screen. As recent college grads, those horny teenagers have come a long way--especially Jim, who has decided to propose marriage to the only girl he ever had. Is he a blind man in a porn store, or is he really in love?

To encourage his insecurities, Stiffler enters. He is an addictively entertaining waste of life, with a successful career as a bus driver/football coach. Time has ceased to change his uncouth nature--it has only heightened his stupidity and desire to "hang out with his wang out". But there is more to Stifler than meets the eye; his hidden talents emerge when he is challenged to a dance-off at a gay bar. Accompanied by the tunes of the 80's, Stifler puts on an erotic show that arouses the crowd, and freaks out his friends.

Who IS Steve Stifler? One minute he's talking shit, the next--he's eating it (literally). Regardless, he instigates trouble and chaos, trauma and disgust. He is truly the star of the show.

Jim and his friends have always shown us the darker side of sexual discovery. They showed just how awkward and nervous teenagers are, with raging hormones that often lead them into sticky situations. And now, Jim finds himself embarrassed in the midst of blow jobs, pubic hair, and animal pornography, which goes to prove that some things you just won't grow out of.

American Wedding is raunchy, lewd, and gross, yet shockingly original. This movie is a winner--you will laugh your ass off.


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