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Abby Natelson


He's no Jerry

Jason Alexander returns to primetime in CBS's new comedy Listen Up (premiering Sept. 20 at 8:30 p.m.). This time around, Alexander's a well-renowned sports broadcaster who finds it hard to command respect when it comes to his own family.

Take to the Sky

A new player has come to town, fighting for a drop of the popularity and prestige that flows through old city's stylish streets.


It was a typical Friday night when I embarked on the arduous trek to North Philadelphia. You can't miss La Tierra Colombiana, the Cuban-Colombian diner located on North Fifth Street, lit up by neon lights.

Talk of the town

"You don't lose all that booze from 40 years and 9,000 Percocets in just 28 days," spoke the all too frank Neil Stein, owner of three upscale dives downtown, to Philadelphia Weekly in regards to his recent rehabilitation.

Identity Crisis

This time around, fusion has been removed from the menu and added to the d‚cor. Angelina is Stephen Starr's attempt to revitalize Blue Angel, the French bistro that fell flat.

Not Another Italian Restaurant

Good friends make good times. That's the attitude at Buca di Beppo, a cheesy spoof on an Italian bistro with an ambiance more flavorful than its dishes.

American cheese

American Wedding is our generation's ultimate love story: the marriage of a pervert and his nymphomaniac lover.

Spell me a river

In the age of spell check and Internet slang, it's shocking to find those remaining few who still avidly read, study, and worship that old friend, the dictionary.

Mile high clubmile high club

It seems the French have a little longing for America in them after all. It's true--we may have taken their fries, their toast, even their kisses, but after one viewing of Jet Lag, there's no denying that they want to steal something from us: a quality Hollywood-esque romantic comedy.

Stenographers are romantic

Emma (Kate Hudson) is a chic twenty-something trying to make her way as a stenographer in Boston. Alex (Luke Wilson) is a brilliant author whose computer is destroyed by the pair of Cuban criminals coming to collect the $100,000 he owes them.

Pack a Basket

Anne-Marie Lasher serves up some elegant delicacies in her quaint American Bistro, an alternative to your average coffee shop.

Peewees Big Love

Big Love is a chaotic depiction of gender domination and marital troubles. Fifty brides, represented by three actresses, infiltrate the Dali-inspired set in an attempt to create a larger than life performance. Having just fled their pre-arranged marriages, these Greek goddesses sail to Italy to seek refuge in the home of a random middle-aged man, Piero, and his elderly mother.
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