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If you are deprived of plaid, rush to Lodge. But if you are not in some sort of lumberjack emergency, the subway ride to Northern Liberties might be  a bit too long.

The owner, Andrew Papoutsis, reminded me of James Franco's character in Pineapple Express. His design goal was to make the store feel like a hunting lodge. "Like a mountain house you go up to, you know what I’m saying?” he explains.

An armchair and a fur rug sit by the glowing fake pot–belly stove, and for a moment, you buy into the boutique’s gaudy romanticism. This is a store for the metrosexual logger. The Lodge’s ideal customer is interested in rustic details, fancy things with a utilitarian look. Many of the items are vintage or things found at flea markets, like a red nylon sack with a rain coat inside that says L.L. Bean Factory Store on the label. The woodsy theme is pervading, but the store isn’t only for boys. For a Lodge guy’s uptight girlfriend? A neat little corner of screenprinted napkins, old–looking teacups and other domestic niceties.



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The owner is quick to mention that everything in the store is for sale, including the merchandise displays — like the table with bowling pins for legs, which I guess is just a personal taste thing. Also on sale: the fake taxidermied deer heads, but you’re going to have to remove the plaid scarves around their sorry, sorry necks to make that purchase.

Not all of the clothing at Lodge is plaid. There are heavy tweed jackets, ankle–length skirts and printed sweatshirts. This stuff is cool, about eight or so months ahead of Urban Outfitters, in a good way. The graphic hoodie is The Lodge’s area of expertise. They are just as vague and neon as they should be, a $50 gift for the hipster that has everything.

On the Lodge website, there are pictures of a party thrown there. That’s what this place is for. The April 1st event advertises free PBR and DJs.

There aren't enough items that make you think, “I WANT THAT,” but the overall aesthetic is appealing: a young, urban fantasy of all things old and rural.

Lodge (267) 416–0506 ? 177 W. Girard Ave., What to look for: Graphic sweatshirts and canvas backpacks Bottom line: Overly precious pieces of outdoorsy look.