Do you have a secret? Something so private you haven’t even told your best friend? How about sharing it with the entire Penn community? Anonymously of course. That’s the idea behind PennSecret.

PennSecret is modeled after PostSecret, an ongoing community art project started by Frank Warren, in which people anonymously submit their secrets written on postcards. The secrets range from fears and regrets to declarations of love and funny anecdotes. Some are heartbreaking; others make you laugh out loud.

Started by Active Minds, an organization committed to opening up the conversation about mental health on college campuses, PennSecret has just three rules: the secret must be truthful, it must be something you haven’t told anyone and it can't mention names. The secrets are supposed to be empowering and thought–inspiring, recording unfamiliar experiences.

You may find yourself relating and connecting with an anonymous person who shares your deepest secret. The fact that the project is just for the Penn community makes it all the more moving — the person who wrote a secret that particularly touched you might sit next to you in Econ lecture.

Collection of the postcards ends on April 17th, so you have until Sunday to pour your heart and soul onto a 6” X 4” piece of paper. All the secrets will be displayed publicly on campus at the end of the collection period. This is your chance to open up and free yourself in a completely anonymous way. So… what’s your secret?

[Visit for drop–off locations.]