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Alexandra Jaffe


Why Movies Have Sucked Lately

An investigation into the Hollywood formula that is generating boring, repetitive films—and what you can do to restore your faith in cinema.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Spring Break Week II: A Curated Movie Playlist

Why We Love to Get Scared

If you paid attention in your PSYC001 lecture like we did, then you’ll know that there’s a strong correlation between the physiological responses for fear and love.

Girls Recap: "One Man's Trash"

Five "Wait...What?" Moments from Girls' newest episode.

Which is the Frattiest Movie of Them All?

Street asked Panhel president Jessica Stokes and IFC president Andrew Turell to rank the movies in our "My Big Fat Greek Movie" feature from most accurate to least when it comes to depicting Greek life.

Film Trends of 2013

We consulted our psychics, the stars and IMDB to enlighten us with hottest Hollywood fads to watch out for this year.

Get Your Kicks At Route 6

Steven Starr’s seafood venture hits the spot.

Le Nétflix

All found on Instant Streaming, these foreign Netflix choices will take you far, far away.

A Short Guide to Reading for Fun

Don’t stop reading for fun just because break's over and you’re back from the beach.

Morning Class Survival Guide

We never take classes before noon… but for those poor souls with 9 a.m.–ers, these tips are for you.

The Coolest Classes You've Never Heard Of

General requirements? Laaaame. Try these instead — drop/add period isn't over yet!

Steve McQueen's Shame Brings Addiction to the Screen in a Hauntingly Tangled Portrayal

In his exquisite second film, Shame, writer and director Steve McQueen captures the intoxication and irrepressible yearning caused by addiction.

Downey Irish Pub's new running comedy gets you drunk... and then makes fun of you

Upstairs at Downey’s Irish Pub an eclectic group of about 60 members crowded around small bar tables supporting $10 buckets of beer.

Bring Back the Bacon

The latest Footloose remake misses a beat

Review: Is 50/50 Really 50 Out of 50?

Joseph Gordon–Levitt delivers a heartfelt performance in this unique dramedy.

Campus Gems: Dali in Van Pelt

That surreal moment when you find a Dali original in Van Pelt…

Interview: Jonah Hill on Moneyball

Street sat down with Jonah Hill and chatted about his upcoming film Moneyball, co–starring Brad Pitt.

Let Your Creativity Flow

With the semester winding down and the long–awaited lovely weather coaxing us out of hibernation, Street looked around campus for some spots to read, write or draw.

What's Your Secret?

Do you have a secret?

Which is the Mac and Cheesiest of Them All?

Top 5 mac and cheeses in Reading Terminal Market.
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