Fried chicken, jerk  chicken, fried fish: those are your options at Gigi and Big R's (unless you want oxtail). Then pick your style: sandwich ($7) or platter ($9), and stock up on sides. We opted for two platters (chicken breast with collard greens and mac 'n cheese and jerk chicken with string beans) and a white fish sandwich. The sandwich is DIY — you’ll get two pieces of brown bread and your fish on the side, splashed with hot sauce or topped with ketchup. The chicken breast is huge, chock–full of all the stuff your mom and Whole Foods tell you not to eat. But if you get the craving, Gigi’s is a good spot to go for it. We loved the jerk chicken, which, like the rice and beans, was properly spicy. But our fav? The cornbread ($1) that tastes nothing like cornbread. Think apple–banana cake cut like a cornbread wedge — thick. Delish.