Accessories can make or break an outfit. And glasses are perhaps the most controversial of all accessories. Just ask Anne Hathaway circa "The Princess Diaries," or any movie/Taylor Swift music video where the plain Jane heroine need only take off her glasses and brush her hair to instantly transform into queen bee. Let these stylishly spec-ed Quakers show you how to rock those (prescription) shades.


Travis Mager, College '15

Where they’re from: Warby Parker, duh. They’re Prestons, tortoiseshell.

The story: I found out about Warby Parker at Art In the Age, during First Fridays. I tried on all the glasses there (literally all of them), and it took a little convincing for my parents to get them because they weren’t too excited about ordering them online.  They were concerned about the pupillary distance and the glasses fitting my face (sidenote: they’re nice Jewish parents). I also had ulcers in my left eye from contacts, because I wore them from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. for skating [Ed note: Travis used to be a competitive ice dancer.], so I was really concerned about getting glasses that I could wear every day. Tortoiseshells match everything.

Fashion or Function? Both.

How blind are you: I want to say I’m –1.7 in both eyes. I’m nearsighted.

Advice: Going bold is better. Also, menswear is all about the accessories.


Shakeil Greeley, College '15 

Where they’re from: Fiction by I.A. Eyeworks. I got them from Modern Eye, the store on Walnut. That place is dope, and the staff is really friendly.

The story: Basically I just went in without any intention of getting glasses. But then I found out it was the last day my insurance would have covered them, so I ended up buying a pair. Pure coincidence.

Fashion or Function? Definitely function. [Takes them off.] I’m blind. I can’t even see that you’re wearing glasses from here. It looks like they’re just part of your eyebrows.  [Ed note: I am sitting less than a foot away from him.]

How blind are you: Very blind. I don’t know my exact prescription, though.

Advice: You’re stuck with them for a long time, and you have to wear them everyday, so choose wisely. I suggest talking to the people at the glasses shop.


Natalie Riemer, Wharton '15

Where they’re from: They are Dutch, but I got them at my eye doctor’s in Dallas. He is the coolest guy. He travels the world and returns to his practice in Dallas when he runs out of money.

The story:  I studied abroad in Milan and, whenever I wore my glasses, people would assume I was Italian. One day, I was sitting in a cafe during fashion week, and a designer came up to me and asked directions in Italian. I stumbled through answering and ended up telling him I was American. He assumed I was an American fashion reporter because my glasses were "so smart.” He ended up taking me to the fashion show with him.

Fashion or Function? Definitely function, but the fashion doesn't hurt!

How blind are you: I can't see things far away, especially details. One of my eyes is moderate, but the other is pretty bad.

Advice for people: Don't be afraid to pick something a little out of your comfort zone. I was hesitant to buy these at first, but now my glasses are my favorite part of any outfit.


Dawn Androphy, College '15

Where they’re from: The Eye Bar in St. Louis.

The story: I'm far–sighted in my right eye and near–sighted in my left eye, so I get incredibly dizzy when I'm not wearing them.

Fashion or Function? Function.

How blind are you: I'm blind enough that I will awkwardly not recognize you on Locust if I'm not wearing glasses or contacts. It can get really awkward.

Advice for people: Wayfarers are a little basic at this point IMHO. It's time to move on, y'all.



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