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Michelle Ma


The Fling Survey

We Fling because we can. Because Fling has grown into a force of nature, a tradition that cannot be stopped, even if we wanted it to.

Street's Guide to Glasses

My eyes are up here. I see you, bitch.

Review: Rx, The Farmacy

What the Doctor Ordered

B–Roll: As Seen On TV

Or Why Infomercials Complete My Life

Kanye West—Yeezus

Kanye West is perplexing.

Laura Marling – Once I Was An Eagle

It seems every few years, out of England springs some female singer-songwriter that catches our attention across the Atlantic.

The National — Trouble Will Find Me

Based on their musical repertoire, it seems The National and its baritone lead singer Matt Berninger have had their share of bad breakups.

The Flaming Lips- "The Terror"

“The Terror" is, we know now, that even without love, life goes on... there is no mercy killing,” lead singer of The Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne said once in an interview.

Bon Jovi- "What About Now"

“You wanna raise your voice / Don’t be scared to breathe / Don’t be afraid to hurt / Don’t be ashamed in me,” Jon Bon Jovi sings straightforwardly in the title track off of his band’s twelfth album.

Guilty Pleasure: Mariah Carey—"Always Be My Baby"

Choosing a favorite Mariah Carey song is a doozy (after all, she’s been around since before Britney and has a repertoire to match), but mine would have to be the 1996 winner “Always Be My Baby.” Maybe it has to do with that instantly identifiable opening guitar strum, but “Always Be My Baby” is one of those songs that everyone can recognize, but not everyone can name.

Pho Ha: (N)oodles of Authenticity

Huge portions and small prices make Pho Ha a must for pho–ficionados

Review: Tegan and Sara—"Heartthrob"

Cue the eye roll when you hear everyone’s favorite slightly emo, girl power indie band has turned the synthpop route...just like everyone else, it seems, and to mixed effect.

Puntal/Contrapuntal—Music Piracy

Michelle and Frida weigh in on the pros and cons of getting free music.

Interview: kechPhrase

To fans of underground hip hop, College Junior Ikechi Nnamani is better known as kechPhrase. A self-made rapper and producer on a first-name basis with Victor Vasquez, a.k.a. Kool A.D. of Das Racist, kechPhrase has been at it since he was thirteen. He’s dropped seven albums since. He took a homework break to talk to us.

Playlist of the Week: 1.15.2013

"My Dad is Baryshnikov" Tells Gorgeous Ballet Tale

Street visited the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, playing now through early 2013 in theatres across Philly.

"Skyfall" Is Sleek But Not So Smart

Despite the requisite melodrama and a sprinkling of well–timed one–liners, “Skyfall” is, in some ways, a refreshingly different Bond film.

Calvin Harris - "18 Months"

Calvin Harris has got the formula down with his newest album, “18 Months.” The Scottish DJ’s catchy electro beats have high energy and low experimentation, but they clearly work based on the popularity of two familiar tracks, “Feel So Close” and the Rihanna hit, “We Found Love,” both of which aren’t by any definition new — but they appear on the album anyway.

Get Up Offa That (Halloween) Thing

Mask & Wig's "Tights, Camera, Action!" Iron Gate Theater 37th & Chestnut St. 10/24–10/25, 8 p.m.; 10/26–10/27, 7 p.m.

Guilty Pleasures: "Maid in Manhattan" (2002)

Before Ben Affleck was a serious, hard–hitting director of movies based on true stories (and before he had adorable Jennifer Garner–babies), he was that guy who accompanied J.
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