The Brains:

This guy knows more about C++, HTML and DRL than you can ever imagine knowing. And when he says he'll show you his Python, it's not what you think. While he could build a whole app himself, extreme fear of people makes marketing or pitching that app a total no–go. Look for him in his own dorm room. He lives in Gregory. He has multiple computer screens and a girlfriend that he has never actually met. She seems really nice, though. 

The Marketing Squad:

They might just look like three dudes from your fraternity, because that is exactly what they are. I think one is a COMM major or something, and the other one took Intro to Marketing pass/fail. They are def gonna throw a party for your big release and they already invited 600 people on Facebook. Which is "also an app," as one will astutely point out pre–high five. 

The Girl:

She is just as smart and qualified as the Brains, but let's be real, no one here is looking at her brains. The patriarchy is still very much alive at PennApps. She really is super qualified. Oh my god, she is looking at me right now, what do I do? Should I smile? We made eye contact? Does that mean she's my girlfriend?