One hacker landed himself at Penn Presbyterian's inpatient rehab center with symptoms of severe cocaine withdrawal, though doctors have now confirmed that it was actually Red Bull. When asked to comment, one doctor said, "Seriously, so gross. And TBH he isn't even popular enough for cocaine." 

Not to be outdone, several other would–be hackers were MERTed for severe heartburn from excess Jimmy John's. We can confirm onset was described as "freaky fast." 

One brogrammer and hoegrammer were spotted trying to establish a connection in the second floor Towne bathroom. Unfortunately, she was unimpressed with his floppy disk. Though the coitus was less than C++, we hope they remembered to update their antivirus software.  

Finally, reports of a botched presentation came in after one group, attempting to showcase their photo–sharing app with a collection of quirky cat memes, accidentally used a collection of one participant's Bob's Burgers cosplay fetish photos instead.