1. Seeing into the future is a physical experience. If she’s really communing with the spirit realm, your psychic should be hot and sweating, and her whole body should be tensing up.

2. Don’t be fooled by a lot of moaning and screaming. Just because she’s shouting the name of your deceased grandfather doesn’t mean she’s really peering through the veil of death.

3. If she’s spending a lot of time fidgeting with her Ouija board, it might mean that something’s not going quite right. Make sure you’re giving the dial the attention it deserves, and that she’s not doing all the work.

4. Summoning the spirits isn’t as loud and flashy as you may have seen on the Internet. If your psychic is acting like she’s Madame Esme and putting on a big show, maybe she’s trying a little too hard.

5. If you think your psychic is faking, don’t panic and don’t blame yourself. Sometimes, your chakras just aren’t fitting together right. It happens to every guy, and you and psychic can work through it together. Possibly with a dildo.