So, now that there’s hope, Fitz calls Olivia every night. She is just worried about Jake’s condition, and Mellie sees Fitz talking to her. Why cant there just be two happy couples here? 

Quinn pays a visit to our friend Mr. Winslow, father of dead Kaitlin and husband of jailed Katherine. He was not out of the country the night his daughter died (no wonder his plane seemed to get in right on time). And his daughter was definitely killed because she found the folder of Olivia pictures. So mysterious. So intriguing. He kills himself, while we are dying to know what’s going on and are forced to wait until next week.

There is a hilarious fake video in this episode in which a Virginia senator…has an accident (the bathroom kind). He resigns his senate seat, and Charles Putney (played by Michael Trucco, also knows as Robin’s stupid–hot ex Nick from “HIMYM” or Nate Ryan from “Revenge”) is the President’s pick to fill the spot. The only problem with Chuck is that he’s Abby’s abusive ex–husband. She’s a mess and her acting trumps Bellamy Young’s in this episode. It is all super well done, and one of the most resonant storylines we’ve seen in a while. She doesn’t end up turning him in or using her podium, which is an interesting change of pace on this show (but not in real life!). She compares herself to Monica Lewinsky, which isn’t quite a comparable situation, but this show mixes its feminist metaphors, imagery, symbols, and buzzwords so often that we are used to it by now. She does, however, tell Leo, who was running and then destroys Charles’ campaign. Leo and Abby make out, and it’s totally weird, but apparently they don’t think so. Man, I wish David Rosen could get back in the action.

Lots of loose ends are hanging until next week, including a confrontation between Huck and Javi. The kid is on track to become as smart as his daddy. He knows who Huck is, and he knows his IP address. Also left hanging is Cyrus trying to figure out the Michael to Liz to Mellie path of leaked information. Speaking of my favorite character, the real Mellie is back, and she reminds her husband just how much he hated her before she got all Chicken Fried.

Obviously, we get back to the Jake situation. Every week, I lose patience for this storyline, but my love for Jake only grows. Tom tells Olivia the truth after some stabbing. We get a nice, literary reference to Helen of Troy. Rowan threatens Liv. Fitz tries to have phone sex. Liv learned Fitz tried to kill himself. Blah, blah, the love triangle is in a room together. Wait 'til next week…

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