Unlike most episodes, this one actually starts where the last one left off. Jake, Liv and Fitz are at the negotiating table. Jake wants to be called Captain Ballard, kill Rowan, and drive Fitz crazy, all while looking super hot with his scars. Fitz and Jake claim they have no hard feelings, which was just a ridiculous waste of episode time.

There’s an awkward amount of pump–up music going on in the background this week for no apparent reason. Or maybe whoever does the soundtrack is as happy as I am that Mellie and VP Andrew are totally hooking up again. Is it horrible that I like when these two cheaters make out but Fitz and Liv smooching (which happens again this week) totally grosses me out? He started it! The First Lady’s affair started up again after Andrew was barely hurt in a West Angolan terrorist attack.

New client this week is Lizzie Bear, whose phone has been bugged by Cyrus Bean. Liv tells her off with “you cut corners, you’re rude to assistants and you lie.” Hey, Liv, don’t you do all of those things pretty regularly, too? Just saying. Olivia finds out about the Cyrus and Michael situation, but turns out Michael didn’t actually spill many beans. So we have some true love, a gross sex scene and Liv lying to Liz.  

The other thing we’ve got going on this week is a plot for Rowan’s arrest and some type of military tribunal. Basically, there’s a ton of planning, and it seems like it might actually work. Silly viewers! That would be too neat and predictable. Liv and Rowan go out to dinner, but magically he kills every special ops guy waiting to shoot him. Then he just gets up and leaves the restaurant. And everyone just sits there. At least 10 people were just killed outside and no one does anything. David Rosen was tasked with the paperwork and lawyer part of this trial, but all the B613 secret files are blank.

By far the most exciting part of this episode is during a Huck and Quinn stakeout scene. Since Liz has pictures of Cyrus getting down and dirty with Michael, Liv wants to get the same of Liz, even though she’s pretty obviously divorced… Not sure what weight an “affair” has when dealing with a single woman (unless she’s also into male prostitutes), but okay. While watching the apartment, they see Liz and Dan Kubiak meet up, and then VP Andrew comes in to make out with Liz. No! What is going on here? What about Mellie? How does this relate to Liv? So intrigued. Kubiak tries to attack Quinn and Huck, but Huck puts an end to him. Oh, and Javi is watching it all. Huck for dad of the year?

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