The best way to get the down–low/low–down on what’s happening in music is to follow a music blog. Blogs are great for news, interviews, album releases, album reviews, etc. These people devote their lives to putting new music online, so take advantage of them. Potentially sexually.



The mama of music blogs. You know it’s good when you look online and see articles named “10 music blogs that aren’t pitchfork”. Our favorite section is titled "Staff List," giving you multiple "best of...." lists, which is perfect for the lazy humans (aka everybody).

Gorilla vs Bear


You heard it here first. With sections like “mp3” and “polaroid,” this Dallas–based music blog is committed to both audio and visual. Plus, they host a music festival in their hometown.

Complex Music

Complex Music

Features top hip hop artists but also engages in conversations about much–needed topics like racial inequality, yaaaas.

Resident Advisor

RA: Resident Advisor - electronic music online

All things electronic, if you're into that kind of stuff.


Trap | Dimelo (GANZ Flip) - Snakehips x Tory Lanez

Started by high schoolers and has 6,000+ likes on Facebook. Do you feel unaccomplished yet? (Ed. note: Yes.)


Popular MP3 & Music Blog Tracks / Hype Machine

A blog within a blog #inception. This is a site where you can easily create your own “music blog” and share it with other hypemachine–goers. Did someone say user friendly?


34th Street Magazine

Still not positive this is a blog but, hey, if you don’t have this yet… get your priorities straight. And follow us


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