Have you already had three bacon, egg and cheeses this week? Lucky for you, there's a new breakfast food truck in town to get you out of your rut: Le Anh's Waffles Noir.

Location: Right next to Magic Carpet and Lyn's on 36th and Spruce Streets. 

Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., weekdays only.

The Lowdown: Not affiliated with The Real Le Anh, this unsuspecting truck serves Belgian waffles ($4), fried chicken ($4) and french fries ($2). It's only been open for about two weeks, according to the one "tired" (read: stoned) dude in the truck.

The Verdict: The waffles are slightly worse than what you'd get at your average diner, but given that Penn lacks diner food in general, they're a godsend when you've already vomited up your Allegros from the night before. Warm, pleasant–looking and only slightly soggy, these waffles won't judge you for your sinful behavior.

Insider Tips:

  • Get the maple syrup on the side––if poured directly on, the syrup instantly makes the waffle soggier than if it were left out in the rain.
  • The syrup is especially sticky, so be a civilized human for once and eat your waffle(s) with a knife and fork.
  • Fried chicken costs $4 on its own but $3 with your waffle. And after your first, an additional waffle costs $2. I sense some epic fried chicken–and–waffle sandwiches on our horizons.