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Chloe Shakin


Election Reflection: Chloe Shakin C'18

I was standing in London Luton Airport, waiting in line to board a plane to Berlin.

Beyond the Brochure

What if Penn isn't the right school for one of the eager high schoolers you promise it will be?

S•PACK: For a Clean Getaway

So that you don't look like the biggest hot mess on your next walk of shame

Press On: 24 Hours on a Juice Cleanse

From the girl who has an emotional attachment to cheese.

Clarkville: Where Pizza and Brunch Are Tryna Fuq.

You might be down to join this kind of three-some.

Four fun workout classes to get you out of your fitness rut

For when you can't wait on line for a Pottruck treadmill any longer.

Irish We Were Drunk Already

Start your St. Patrick's festivities off right

The Man, The Myth, The Medic

It was junior Ian McCurry’s second time setting foot in HUP’s Cardiac Surgical Unit. He entered the examination room to introduce himself to his patient of the day, a middle–aged man who had recently undergone a heart transplant.

5 Things to do in Philly if You're Single on Valentine's Day

Turn off the sad movies and live a little.

New Food Truck Alert: Waffles at 36th and Spruce

For when the line at Lyn's is too long and sceney for your hangover to bear.

Reading Terminal Market's Greatest Hits

For Feb Club and Beyond

A Definitive Ranking of the Best Hot Chocolates on Campus

Just think of it as our way of helping you combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Five Cool Things To Try in 2016

C'mon, everyone's trying them.
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