Penn's Most Eligible Bachelorettes

Kat Sicat (C '17) 

Good luck keeping up with Kat Sicat. In addition to dancing for City Step, Strictly Funk and Penn Dance, she took a semester off to play rugby for the Philippines' national team. No wonder she was voted 'Most Intimidating' in high school. 

Best move: “The last guy I dated said that I gave him ‘the face’ when we first met. But I have no idea what that was.” 

Her ideal date: “One time, I went ATVing on this old volcano. I went on a trapeze–ing date. Like a three–hour lesson.” 

How to catch her eye: "If a guy doesn’t have a good beard, he better have a good jawline."

Fiorella Medina (C '18) 

Chokers are back, and if Fiorella isn't a perfect example of this statement, then I'm wrong. This bilingual babe is a sophomore in Theta and is currently single and ready to mingle. Like any true homie, she loves cold beers on the beach and good music. Stay mysterious, Medina. 

Her badass side: "I'm really good at basketball and volleyball, but even better at FIFA. I’m a hidden gamer." 

How to catch her eye: "A sexy but smooth stare." 

Her best move: "Don't need any moves."

Caroline Miller (C '16)

Unfortunately, if you aren't a cross between Ryan Gosling and George Clooney you're going to have a hard time impressing Caroline Miller. But maybe if someone tall, dark and dimpled takes her out for a few bottles of wine she'll woo you with tales of tending chickens on her childhood farm. Or at least show you her Shakira impression. 

How she's stayed single: "I can offer myself much more than others can offer me." 

How she sounds in bed: "Like Shakira. 'Le do, lo le, lo le'." 

Oral skills, on a scale of 1 to 10: "I brush my teeth at least two times a day."

Katie Roe (C '17) 

It’s a damn shame we can’t clone people yet, because its even more of a damn shame that only one Katie Roe exists on this earth. Lucky for us she chose Penn and is extremely available (unsure as to why). She can be seen prancing down Locust in an adorable running outfit or getting weird on the dance floor at any frat party. That is, when she doesn’t have an interview in New York for something. Regardless, she’ll ROEck your world. 

Her fantasy guy: "Matt Damon circa Good Will Hunting era." 

Her most awe–inducing moment: "There are two types: awe–some and awe–kward. My life is more the latter." 

Her pride and joy: "My stupPUNdous puns."

Sierra Levin (N '16) 

When asked what her badass side was, Sierra asked back, “Is there another side?” Woo her with a whiskey coke or a Pinot Grigio; it’s truly the simple things in life, isn’t it? If you dress up as Channing Tatum, you get extra points. (Ed note: Good luck boys…) 

How she sounds in bed: "Soft and sweet like the whispers of Aphrodite." 

Oral skills on a scale of 1–10: "I can make a clover and a taco with my tongue, so I’d say my oral skills are a 10."