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Genevieve Glatsky


Penn 10: Alex Sands

There's no businessman on Penn's campus quite like Alex Sands.

Putting Food Insecurity on the Table

When you don't know where your next meal is coming from

Election Reflection: Genevieve Glatsky C'17

Once while I was studying abroad I had a dream that I was back at Penn. I was at a crowded party with loud music and colorful pulsing lights.

Inside Senior Societies

What it means to be tapped.

5 Spanish Phrases for an American in Mexico

It's not easy to be an American abroad. 

Ego of the Week: Alex Sternlicht

Our former fearless leader reflects on the Round–Up, female drag queens and having small boobs.

Ego of the Week: Sam Mattis

If you can't find this Olympic hopeful at Legion he's probably leading a coup d'état.

Ego of the Week: Roderick Cook

The co–founder of Penn Non–Cis has strong opinions on everything: fraternities, senior societies, veganism and spirit animals. Just don't ask them about Caitlyn Jenner.

Ego of the Week: Bobby Lundquist

The universally well–liked host of Bread and Jamz gets deep and talks masculinity, vulnerability and his vision for a more inclusive Penn community.

Ego of the Week: Prashant Ramesh

When the Music Director of Penn Masala isn't getting stopped by fans on the street, he's getting stopped at airport security. TSA, WTF?

The "Not PV" Spring Breakers

There's more to spring break than passing out on a beach and throwing up before 3 p.m. Check out what Penn students did during the past week, and start planning your next SB2K17.

Penn's Most Eligible Bachelors

You were wondering where the good ones were hiding. We're here to help.

Penn's Most Eligible Bachelorettes

Ego of the Week: Kendra Carson and Maha Subramaniam

You can learn a lot from these two: including that clitorises can get erections too

Ego of the Week: Nicolas Garcia

In between classes while you're trolling Facebook, Nicolas Garcia is garnering votes for his campaign for Florida State legislature.

Three Blind Dates

In the romantic life of young adults, blind dates are considered especially heinous. At Street, the dedicated staff who write them set up an elite squad of three couples. These are their stories.

Ego of the Week: Chantal Low

She may be engaged but she still wants to go to date nights, so someone man up and ask this former Israeli soldier to your formal.

Ego of the Week: Rolanda Evelyn

Rolanda Evelyn is President of Penn Fashion Week and is working for Google. Read on to find out more about how much cooler she is than you.

Ego of the Week: Megan and Kelly Bridges

These twins aren't telepathic and they don't want to indulge your twincest fantasies, but they're saving the world so you should give a shit.

Ego of the Week: Victoria Chen

This future dentist is a member of four senior societies and co–founder of Penn Queer and Asian. Victoria debunks stereotypes about Asian–interest sororities and dishes on Channing Tatum and the hidden power of dentists.
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