According to a poll conducted after the Super Bowl, almost three quarters of Penn students think that Beyoncé is “just okay,” but are afraid to share their opinion with the public. One college junior who wished to remain anonymous said, “I don’t know what will happen to me if people find out I don’t like Beyoncé. It's like coming out of the closet, but worse, because it’s admitting that I don’t like Beyoncé.”

Poll participants wanted to make it clear that it’s not that they hate Beyoncé, it’s that they were apathetic. “She’s okay, I guess. I just don’t really care. Please stop asking me,” another anonymous student stated.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé supporters are rallying against the dark ones who do not worship her. “How dare they not worship our God and musical genius?! She’s perfect,” said one supporter. When describing his die hard allegiance to his bae Bey, the supporter explains "Like the burning bush to Moses, Beyoncé spoke to me with her fire dance moves." He went on to clarify that it was Beyoncé, and not Coldplay, who headlined the Superbowl, and anyone who disagreed was as irrelevant as a Destiny's Child fan. He emphasizes, "It's simple. Beyoncé runs the world (girls)."

The Beyoncé camp is demanding that anyone who is found out to not be a Beyoncé supporter be forced to converse with the evangelicals in front of the Button for ten minutes, the harshest punishment they could think of. 


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