Sweet Freedom Bakery

1424 South St.

Sweet Freedom is gluten free, vegan, soy–free, corn– free, peanut–free, refined sugar–free,and kosher so we’re honestly not 100% positive what’s actually in their sweets but we do know they’re pretty tasty. If you’re really craving the satisfaction of a good old fashioned cupcake, this place may not be for you. These treats have a different taste and texture than normal baked goods, which might not be to everyone’s liking. Definitely check it out if you want to pretend to be healthy, or are just looking for an excuse to hang out on South Street. But be warned, fancy foods don’t come cheap.

Don’t miss: The S’mores Cupcake and the Salted Caramel Cupcake

Miel Patisserie

204 S 17th St.

If you’re having withdrawal from your semester abroad, get your Parisian flavor fix at Miel Patisserie. With plenty of table space, Street may have just found our new favorite study spot, and at $1.75 per macaron this little cafe isn’t trying to rob you. What’s refreshing is that Miel Patisserie doesn’t try to be too funky with their food, and instead their classic French pastries keep things simple and delicious.

Don’t Miss: The wide selection of macarons (if only for the aesthetically pleasing Instagram), the creme brulee

Kermit's Bake Shoppe

2204 Washington Ave.

The banana cream pie cheesecake bar had the perfect texture but perhaps was a bit too overwhelming flavor– wise. But fear not, this bakery–pizzeria hybrid has plenty of other goodies available, from ice cream sandwiches to breakfast hot pockets. Kermit’s isn’t extraordinary but it’s a solid bakery where everyone is bound to find something they’ll enjoy. Just know that the Bake Shoppe is carry out only with nowhere to sit inside the restaurant, or really anywhere around the area either. It’s a secluded neighborhood, but if for some reason you’re hanging out at the dilapidated and abandoned chocolate factory across the street, you can’t miss Kermit’s adorable rose–painted entrance.

Don’t Miss: The brownies, the sticky buns, the red velvet cupcake

Bakeshop on 20th

269 S 20th St.

With twists on classic treats and a friendly, hometown feel, Bakeshop on 20th is the bakery you absolutely need in your life. We’re convinced that there has to be some secret ingredient Bakeshop uses to make all their food taste like magic. Biting into their sugar cookies is a straight up heavenly experience. The bars are rich and flavorful without being overwhelming. They even have a wider variety of sandwiches on fresh baked bread if you’re lacking a sweet tooth. This bakery is an absolute daymaker. Don’t even second–guess it. Just go.

Don’t Miss: The Ritten- house square, the chocolate babka, the maple bacon scone


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