What are the odds that you've seen a black silicone bracelet on the wrist of athleisure–wear clad sorority girl in class next to you? In the second quarter of 2015, FitBit earned $400 million in sales from its fitness trackers. Fitbit was created in 2007 when founders Eric Friedman and James Park realized that sensors and wireless technology had advanced to the point that they could create what now has become their Fitbit tracker. 

Street was looking for a way to immortalize the spring break experience, and Tech came up with something that lasts longer than your snapchat story. Our solution was to track three different spring breaks via FitBit, with the Fitbit Charge ($149) and the original Fitbit Flex ($99). We compared the fitness logs of a girl in Cancun, one on a chill trip to Florida and one adventure in Costa Rica. Four days, three girls, let's go. 

Freshman Brielle Weiner went the route many of us go during spring break—aunt/friend/cousin’s condo in Florida.  Brielle decided to go because she and a couple people from her hall wanted to go somewhere warm for break. 

"One of my friends lives in Florida and another has a vacation condo there, so it was easy and cheaper for us to go to Florida and stay in their houses rather than rent a hotel elsewhere." she said. 

As you can see by the Fitbit activity, Brielle avoided the massive activity of PV, instead hanging out on the beach and preparing for the upcoming darty weekends to come. Peep the nine hours per night of sleep she got—she's gonna be missing that come midterms/St. Patty's/ life. 

Freshman Elena Iaconis decided to go to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break. 

"My roommate offered the idea. Her parents bought all our tickets and then we paid them back, pretty simple." she said. 

By starting the day with the mimosas and participating in light activity—playing beach volleyball and occasionally working out— this girl had the best of both worlds. Iaconis described most of her break as the classic darty experience. Props to this freshman for a) being close enough with her freshman roommate to go to Mexico with her, and b) not blacking out for the entirety of the experience, even getting a hike in (see the 1:00:23 walk on Tuesday.) 

Wait, what? Sophomore Emily Goldman missed the memo that spring break is to be spent parked on the beach/ raging your face off. Emily went to Costa Rica, instead. Between hiking up volcanoes and climbing down waterfalls, she got more physical activity in than we do running around Bamboo Bar during Fling. She also white–water rafted, jumped into hot springs, and made time to bar hop. Damn, girl.