If you’re a senior, you’ve got one short month to live it up and ball out in this wonderful city of brotherly love. If you’re not, you’ve got no excuse to not make it to all of these places in your years left. Here are all the things you absolutely cannot call yourself a Penn graduate without consuming:

  1. The Honest Tom’s Breakfast Burrito. Eat it all. Don’t be a lil bitch.
  2. A slice (or two) of Allegro Pizza's buffalo chicken pizza at 2 a.m. No earlier, no later.

  3. The prickly pear double margarita at Copa. Forget your shame about the bright pink color; it’s damn delicious and as long as it’s not a single, there’s no cause for judgement.
  4. FroGro Chinese food. Don’t question it.

  5. Roast beef, turkey, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese, etc… at Koch’s deli.
  6. Sitar buffet with a minimum of four plates. 

  7. Eat fluffernutter spring rolls while wearing sweats in the pod at Pod. You’re a SWUG, and you don’t care who knows.
  8. The Lion or the eggplant spinach pita parm at Lyn’s. Wear your finest black cuz this place is scenier than Rumor.

  9. Mark’s Café sushi. It’s like VP pledging.
  10. Wawa macaroni and cheese in a hoagie. Is this real? No. Can you make it real? Easily.


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