Take a page out of Voldemort’s book and make it a Horcrux. 

This is an easy way to stay relevant by terrorizing freshman girls long after you graduate. You already signed up for econ so there can’t be much soul left in you, right?

Rip out the pages and make a bonfire. 

Perfect for your next witch burning.

Use it in a séance.

Communicate with the ghosts of ECON001's past.

Toilet Paper

Thicker and softer than the ½ ply dorm variety, one econ textbook contains at least two rolls.

Break everything in your room.

For when you need to intimidate your roommate.

Tell Obama about it.

Mandatory reading would be a great alternative to Guantanamo.

DIY a hole in it.

Use it to hide your bondage paraphernalia (sexual and otherwise).

Stand on it 

You'll grow two inches. Say you went on a life–changing abroad experience that forever affected your perspective on this world.


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