As pre–professional as Penn’s campus can be at times, there are also many creatives on campus. Film and TV suffered the hell that was the Student Activities Fair and visited the Kelly Writers House Activities Fair to give you a concise guide on how to get involved with the coolest film clubs and companies on campus.


One of the branches of SPEC, SPEC Film, is for general film lovers. They provide students with the opportunity to see advance screenings, give free/ discounted movies and occasionally work with SPEC Connaissance to bring important speakers in the film and TV world on campus. 

Want to get involved? Send an email to film@

Bent Button Productions

Say hello to Penn’s premier film club, which strives to bring together movie lovers and makers in order to create amazing student content. This undergraduate filmmaking club teaches its members every stage of the movie making process from writing, to filming, to acting, to editing—the list goes on! Based out of the Kelly Writers House, it’s a small club environment meant to make sure everyone is included. 

Get involved by emailing or stopping by one of their meetings at KWH, Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

Nexo Productions

Nexo is not a club— it's a company, so it behaves and runs like one. A creative production agency that creates marketing films and commercials, Nexo is a great way to get involved and get real world experience right now on campus. Though it’s a startup helping other startups, you could learn to manage projects with budgets averaging $1,500 for companies in the US, UK and Russia! Not a fan of conference rooms? Don’t worry—Nexo prides itself on a laid–back, collaborative environment where meetings happen over coffee and members even make cameos in some of their commercials. 

No resume or experience required to get involved, just send an email to v@nexoprod. com.

Opia Films

Opia Films, as Amanda Prager (one of the co–founders) says, “serves to fulfill the artistic community that desires to not just make something creative, but also make something engaging.” Opia is a club for people who want to make the content others watch, especially if you are interested in submitting to film festivals off–campus. The club is made up of roughly 71 members, 11 of which are “Creators” who act as board members to decide the direction of the club and the screenplays. Opia will be holding screenwriting competitions where anyone (involved in the club or not) can submit their work. 

Shoot an email to to get involved.

Penn Moviegoer

Want to be a film critic? Want to interview celebrities? Want press access to some of the coolest film festivals? Penn Moviegoer is a new club trying to broaden the community of film appreciation through film analysis and education about how to write about films. 

If interested, email the Penn Moviegoer President at


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