Street: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Mr… uh…Riddle? Is that right? 

Roommate: Oh, call me Voldemort. Happy to be here! 

Street: So as you know, your freshman roommate is pretty famous these days! But what was he like the first day you met him? 

Voldemort: All I’ll say is he somehow moved into our Riepe double a week early to claim the bottom bunk. Isn’t it, like, the rule of humanity to wait and flip a coin? That’s when I knew he was really evil. Also, half our room was taken up by his shrine to himself. It was a hard thing to explain when I brought girls home 

Street: First impressions can be powerful. Did he have any weird quirks? 

Voldemort: Every night it would take him hours to remove his mask so I never got to use the sink in our room. So annoying. 

Street: Are you surprised that he wants to be president? 

Voldemort: Is that what he’s doing? Phew! I thought he was going after MY job! 

Street: Was he involved with any groups on campus? 

Voldemort: He did a cappella and something called “Demagorgons Anonymous” 

Street: Where could you find him on a Thursday night? 

Voldemort: Rumor. Nevermind. I’m just kidding—usually Recess, lol. 

Street: What was his sleep schedule like? 

Voldemort: He would stay up blasting Gregorian chants on his record player until 4 a.m. Like, I needed to sleep too? 

Street: So I’m guessing you guys didn’t room together after freshman year? 

Voldemort: Well I ended up dropping out of Penn after my freshman year. I was kind of an early Mark Zuckerberg. Except instead of Facebook I was trying to take over the wizarding world. But same difference.


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