No matter how heavy my heart is today, I refuse to stop asking: "how long must women wait to get their liberty? Let us have the rights we deserve." I refuse to stop fighting for an end to xenophobia, for an end to rape culture, for an end to racism. I refuse to stop fighting for a world in which we look at each other as equals and not as enemies. I refuse to stop fighting for an end to a world that judges people as inferior based off their genitalia, their color, their religion.

When I got my first Ready for Hillary sign, I signed Alice Paul's name on it. Today I cry with Alice Paul - tears of anger of frustration of anxiety of fear - but also tears of awe. I cry tears of awe because no matter how ashamed and disappointed in my country I am, I know that I will always remember Hillary as a fighter - as someone who took all the pain and anger that was thrown at her and put it towards cracking the glass ceiling. No matter who won the election, the glass ceiling was always going to be there on November 9 - but Hillary forced us to get a little glass in our skin. She made some cracks, and she sacrificed herself for her scars, and I will always look to Hillary Clinton in awe for how hard she fought - not just in this election but throughout her entire life, and no one can take that fight away from us. And so today, I wake up terrified and sad and tearful, but I also know that while I have the privilege to tune out, to ignore what's happening, to retreat into white privilege, I cannot, and I will not. I will keep fighting - for Hillary Clinton, for Alice Paul, for Lucy Burns, for Emily Leighton, for Sojourner Truth, for Ida B. Wells, for all the women who taught me how to fight. I will keep fighting for the women who were not allowed to join the fight in 1920, for the women who thought they won the fight in 1920, for all who thought they won the fight in 1965.

So let the glass ceiling try to suppress us, cause with Hillary Clinton in my heart there is no chance my pain is going anywhere but towards shattering it. #stillwithher


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