In the midst of College Hall’s dozens of tall tales and mysteries, the Room of Requirement sits quietly on the 7th Floor. Most Penn students don't know about this space—the room only appears when its user is really in desperate need of something. While those who know about the room only use it for exams, social issues and other quandaries, Street thinks that we should be able to have a little bit of fun with this useful room—and there’s no way to make things better than with drugs. Check out these top drug experiences to have in the Room of Requirement.


Smoke a joint or two before you enter the Room of Requirement, and all your problems will be solved. The room will have boxes of pizza to cure your munchies and unlimited Butterbeer to get rid of that smoker’s dry mouth. A bed and calming music will appear, and you'll magically forget all the work you're avoiding. The only thing the room can’t provide: A way to cushion the blow of the responsibilities that wait for you in the real world.


Entering the Room of Requirement on molly is like walking head–first into good vibes. You won’t simply walk into a room of music, but into a full–blown rave. It’s obvious that you need to blow off some steam, and the room understands, offering the perfect bass–filled escape from the real world. The Room also provides gallons of cold water, air conditioning and a couch to crash on after the eight–hour high ends What it doesn't provide is the disgusting amount of friends you'll need to take care of your messy ass.


While nobody is sure exactly what anyone needs after a few lines, you can count on the Room of Requirement to grant you an instant lifestyle upgrade. Be ready to #ballout in swimming pools full of Galleons with the guys and girls of your dreams by your side. Don’t worry, we know your high needs to be maintained and your busybody attitude needs to be tended to, and the room will provide all of these short–term activities on demand.

Bath Salts

You need help, child. 


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