Groundhog Day is almost here, which means Americans can carry out one of the weirdest traditions known to man. We can think of some better ways to tell which season is here. 

1. The tables in front of Frontera. Are people SABSing indoors or out?

2. Has Fling started yet? On a good year, Fling starts when second semester does.

3. Does the puke on the sidewalk have flowers or snow?

4. Your eyes: dead or hopeful?

5. Your skin: pasty or pastier?

6. Is your newsfeed mostly pictures from PV or new PCs?

7. Have you hired your friend in Wharton to negotiate a deal with your TA to make sure you pass yet?

8. Are freshman boys peeing on the Button? Is there an increase in weirdly shaved heads? Is Petco out of goldfish? 

Photo credit: DP File Photo


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