Acid drop at Sweeten Alumni House

They can’t make you listen to a fundraising seminar if your ears have fallen off into an abyss of emotion and sound!!

A senior–wide St. Elmo’s speakeasy

You can only sing Of Monsters and Men covers or do stand–up about why girls who don’t like you are stupid!

Pregnancy pact

Fifty–one percent of you will have a bond to last a lifetime.

An open mic at Castle specifically for all the people who’ve gotten rejected from Castle.

That’ll show you, 15 Norwegian assholes!

An Eat Pray Love–style journey to find yourselves

Eat pasta and find your inner self along with 2,500 of your closest friends.

Group crime

What bonds you together more than the terrible secret of what went wrong when you robbed the liquor store on 43rd?

Trip to Camden

Like Atlantic City, only murdery–er!

Cocktail party at the President’s House

Look out for the strategically placed items designed to make it look like Amy Gutmann actually lives there!