1. The black, fur–trimmed winter coat someone “took accidentally” from a party

2. Anyone you have to do a group project with

3. Socially...AND fiscally liberal Wharton student

4. Your professor when you need a recommendation

5. Atlantis (the mythical island, not Penn’s resident strip club)

6. This year’s fling headliner (wya? @SPEC)

7. The notes from all the lectures you skipped the night before your midterm

8. Bin Laden pre–assassination

9. Food truck health department rating

10. The DRL classroom for your 8:30 a.m. Friday recitation you took because it “wouldn’t be so bad”

11. A free carrel in VP during finals week

12. The Holy Grail

13. The desire to “catch up” with someone from your freshman hall who you ran into on St. Patty’s

14. A class that meets the “Living World” requirement

15. The clitoris


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