With disappointing—though unsurprising—lack of self—awareness and generosity, Jon M. Huntsman Hall (Ed. note: how come the Hall never caught on as its nickname?) offers free printing...only to Wharton students. Currently, there are no free printing opportunities for students in the College. “College students may as well get used to poverty now,” wrote one alumnus in an email.

The business school’s students are most likely to have paid summer internships or any kind of employment after college, but students felt that this hard–earned money should go towards more important things. “If Trump kills free trade, coke prices are gonna be through the roof,” lamented one Wharton senior.

Wharton students do not pay any premium for their printing privileges. “Everyone pays the same tuition, so the only reason is to make other students feel inferior just for not being in Wharton,” explained a Wharton administrator.

Most College students resent this arrangement. But Street found some who have a more positive perspective. “Realistically, I’m going to live a more fulfilled life even if I make no money. They can have their free printing, they have nothing to look forward to anyway,” said an optimistic Fine Arts major. At the table next to us, a Wharton junior laughed while she bought herself a pair of Yeezy’s.


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