April Fool's was on a Saturday this year, so I thought I would be safe from awkward professor pranks. Alas, I was too naive.

When we got to class on Monday (April THIRD) my chemistry professor told us we were having a pop quiz. Several people burst into tears. The person sitting next to me got a nosebleed while the TAs handed out the sheets of paper. But when we got the “quizzes,” the only thing written on the page was “April Fools!” It was written in Comic Sans.

The professor was laughing maniacally while we all figured out what was happening. “I really got you guys this year,” he said as a girl was getting taken out of class on a stretcher because she had a stroke.

But the worst was still to come. After a couple minutes, the professor asked us, “Didn’t you guys think that was funny?”

Slowly but surely, every student started to laugh. But it wasn’t really laughing. It was more like the sound of 250 souls giving up.


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