Penn students brunch in style. If you’re looking for a new option to add to the brunching repertoire that won’t require an impractical daytime excursion deep into the city, 24 Wood Fired Fare is conveniently situated just past the Walnut Street bridge, just far enough to feel special but close enough to walk to. The convenient location is especially ideal when midterm season is in full swing. The interior of 24 is homey without feeling cluttered, decorated with simple southern décor. There’s also an outdoor seating area with views of the Schuylkill. 24 is known for their pizzas, but the Steak and Eggs is a heartier brunch packed with protein. The steak is tender and well proportioned to go with the eggs, potatoes, and bacon. If you’re in the mood for hardcore comfort food, nothing beats the Chicken Waffle. Drizzled with syrup and garnished with bacon, the chicken has a fried exterior that matches the sweet and savory waffle batter. Leaving 24 will feel a little jarring, like stepping back into the harshness of reality after the bliss of a savory, sweet, Southern–style meal.


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