Ever wondered what on earth that last Venmo charge was for? Check out this handy guide to understanding your Venmo charges:Penn edition.

“Fuq u and ur lil dog too *drink emoji*”

You headed to Dolphin Tavern last night, but had had enough Franzia at the pregame to think that it was called the DOG Tavern, leading you to assume you would be meeting at least one dog at the establishment. You did not meet any dogs, and were correspondingly devastated.

“Soul! *bike emoji* *sweat emoji*”

THIS one was from when you were being chased by an ASPCA volunteer who wanted you to donate and, in the attempt to escape, ran into a biker making his way down Walnut. He got angry and demanded compensation to replace his very irritating “Vegans Have Souls, Too” sticker that had been ripped in the collision.

“Septa LOL”

A classic. Though parts of your night are blurry, you do have a slight feeling that you bounced from point A to B… and then B to C and then C to A when you realized you forgot your wallet. 

“Smokey Joe’s Bar”

Classic freshman move right here. Not quite sure how you got in or who it was that paid for your $0.50 drinks during sink or swim last Wednesday, but you don’t want to be “that guy” who mooches off others. Props to you for being preemptive with paying that junior back… even if he may not remember buying it for you in the first place.