There are two pretty big events coming up this week, events that I hope you all try to attend. The first is BMOC (Big Man on Campus). The second is Street's very own Battle of the Bands. 

The two events represent groups that I am both in and care about very much. BMOC to me will always represent a sense of belonging. I wasn't a very good freshman. I didn't (and honestly, still don't) like going out that much, and I had a hard time breaking out of my little Quad single. My friend Kristen, whose older sister was in what was then AXO, encouraged me to go to BMOC. I don't remember much about the dances or the people performing, but I do remember such a strong sense of community. I barely knew anyone—I was a tiny freshman with my tiny freshman friend—but god, I had fun. It was an unadulterated, fantastically good time. There was such an overwhelming sense of community, of genuine enthusiasm for the clumsy (but more often, surprisingly good) dances being performed. It didn't matter if people were good or perfectly in sync: they were being watched by people who were rooting for them and were in attendance just to support and encourage. 

It wasn't even a group I was yet in, but I knew that they were girls who cared about something. They cared about their philanthropy, they cared about their friends, and hell, they even cared enough to choreograph a five–minute dance and do it in front of hundreds of people. That takes commitment. 

It's the same thing with Street's Battle of the Bands. It's a group of people working on something they love, and giving others the opportunity to do the same. If people come, watch performers and enjoy the music, it'll have been a successful night. I guess I like the idea of planning something that lets other people enjoy what you so enjoy. It's gratifying to be able to share with your friends and peers what you're involved in. I want to watch and support my friends performing at BMOC. I'm so happy to use Street as a means to give performers a venue and an opportunity to do what they love. 

And that? That was my sales pitch. Hope to see you all there. 


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