This week’s Egos Of The Week provide a Rihanna concert, Philz Coffee, and the Mask and Wig band to remind you of just how single you are this Valentine’s Day.

Jake Fischer

Hometown: Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

Major: Management and Statistics in Wharton

Activities: Sammy, Bell Senior Society, co–host Radio Show on WQHS (Fridays 1p.m.), and Institute of Contemporary Art's Student Board

Allie Rubin 

Hometown: Flemington, New Jersey

Major: Cognitive Science in the College

Minor: Consumer Psychology and Statistics

Activities: Chair of Nominations and Elections Committee, Friars Senior Society, Chi Omega, saxophonist for Bloomers

34th Street Magazine: How would you guys describe each other? 

Allie Rubin: Jake is very creative and he's really into DJing and photography. He has a lot of creative interests, which is interesting because it balances out the fact that he's in Wharton. On paper, he could have not come off that way, but he definitely is. Interpersonally, he is very genuine and he's one of those people that people gravitate towards and want to talk to. He's a great conversationalist. 

Jake Fischer: Allie is extremely genuine as well. I find her hilarious. She just finds these little things extremely funny. She can have fun wherever she is. She is extremely caring and thoughtful. You ask anyone, they adore Allie because they know they can always count on her. Even people she doesn't know that well, they confide in her with everything. She is a true gem. 

Street: So, how did you guys meet?

AR: We met freshman year way back when. We kind of knew each other because we kind of lived near each other in the Quad. We knew of each other, but hadn't really met yet. And then one day, we just both happened to be in MoBo lounge at the same time and we both kind of just look at each other, like, "Oh, you're Jake, right?" and he said, "You're Allie," and we ended up just picking up the conversation from there. So that was the true meeting moment.

JF: But then, so we have a mutual friend—she's in Counterparts Acapella—she had a show coming up, and Allie needed somebody to go to the show with. I happened to be walking into Commons when we bumped into each other and she was like, "Hey, Jake, want to go to the show?" and we hadn't really spoken at all, really, since our first encounter in MoBo, but I was like, “Hey, why not? This could be fun.” So we went to the show together and we had a great time, but we didn't think anything of it. Afterwards—

AR: We kind of bumped into each other a lot—

JF: Yeah, we definitely did. Thanksgiving Break I get a Snapchat from Allie and she just asks me to go to the Mask and Wig Charity Ball, and it was a bit of a surprise because we hadn't really known each other too well, but I really enjoyed hanging out with Allie, so 100% said yeah. One thing led to another, we just kept hanging out afterwards. 

Street: Seems like you guys are both pretty involved. How do you make time for one another? 

AR: I think that something people have noted about our relationship is that we're both pretty respectful of our individuality, so even though we're together and we spend time with each other, and, all of those things, we are both very involved in our own ways, and we kind of balance out the relationship with our extracurricular involvements, our school work, our friendships.

JF:  I think it's just understanding that we each have busy lives, but can make it work. We genuinely like hanging out with each other, so we're just flexible and we make time whenever possible. 

AR: Sometimes, if we go two or three days without seeing each other because it just happens to be really crazy, we'll FaceTime, just to catch up, but we're not mad at each other or resentful if we don't have time. 

Street: How do you think being in a relationship for four years affected your experience at Penn?

AR: I think that a lot of the college experience is finding your people, and whether that's a club and finding your community, or joining Greek Life and making friends through that, I think a lot of it is in the pursuit of finding your person, regardless of whether that's a boyfriend, or a friend, or whatever. I think that our relationship has served. He's my person. On bad days, he's the one I'll talk to and I think different people at Penn have different versions of that, but it just happens to be Jake for me. 

JF: I can echo that!

Street: Best date you've been on?

AR: One time, I got—just through a friend who happened to be sick—I got free tickets to Rihanna and they were totally nosebleed tickets, way out in the very, very back row of the back section, and Jake's seat happened to be broken, so during the opener, we're like, “Let's just go see if we could get different seats in the same section that aren’t broken.” And so we went, and the guy at the ticket booth was turning down people, saying that they couldn't upgrade their tickets, said it was completely sold out, but we just asked really nicely and he was like, “Oh sorry, we don't have tickets,” and as we were walking away, he was like, “Wait a second!” and he was like, “Just because you guys were really nice, I happened to have these two club box tickets, and I want you to have them.” So, we went from having 20–dollar tickets to Rihanna to 500–dollar club box seats to Rihanna. It's just a rag to riches tale. 

JF: It was amazing, and Rihanna put on the most unforgettable show ever.

Street: We're so jealous! Anyways, tell us about your first kiss...

AR: So that would be at the Mask and Wig Charity Ball…

JF: Yup, Mask and Wig band was playing, and they were playing some tunes that definitely made everyone feel the moment. I don't know, we were just dancing with each other and it just felt right.

AR: I don't think we need to share more information!

Street: Which TV characters do you identify with most?

JF: I'd say we're like a Mike and Eleven kind of duo. 

AR: I don't know, I like the Office, so Jim and Pam come to mind.

Street: If you could plan a Valentine's Day date, with absolutely no limits, what would it be?

JF: So, we'd wake up, we'd go to brunch, we'd run into John Mulaney, and he would join our table. And then John would have a show to do, so— 

AR: He does comedy in the afternoons now?

JF: Yeah, right? So, we'd go on a hike—it's a beautiful day, and then we would take a hyper–loop to San Francisco, explore the city.

AR: Philz Coffee.

JF: Oh, yeah, Philz Coffee. One time, we had too much Philz Coffee and we just exploded with a caffeine overdose.

AR: We wanted to try all the flavors but when you try all the flavors of coffee, you inevitably get too caffeinated.

JF: It just doesn't end well. Anyways, go to museums, thrift shops, record stores, cool coffee shops and a concert, to top it all off. And then, we would time travel back to the year 2000, so we could go to Blockbuster, and Blockbuster and chill. 

AR: That sounds like a great day.

Lightning Round:

Street: Favorite show to watch together?

JK: Neo Yokio.

AR: Yeah, that's what we're watching together.

Street: Most annoying habit of the other?

AR: Jake takes a really long time when he shops. He's very thorough.

JF: Allie is a very big planner, I'm much more, go–with–the–flow, so we butt heads a lot in that sense. She needs to know what she's doing like weeks in advance.

Street: There are two types of people...

JF: Those who have been to Zahav, and those who really, really, really want to go, but just can't seem to get a reservation, and if anyone has a reservation that they're just trying to get off their hands, please let us know!

AR: Oh, I'm with the Zahav comment. We've been desperately trying to get a reservation for months, years!

Street: Guilty pleasure?

AR: I just started This Is Us, so I'll see where that takes me.

JF: So, I pride myself on having good music taste, but, I weirdly like Shawn Mendes, he has some bangers for sure.

AR: I don't know if this is guilty, but anyone who knows me knows I eat ridiculous amounts of candy, but I don't know if I feel guilty about that. I just really like candy. 

Street: First AIM name? 

AR: Mine was bookfreak0418, I liked to read.

JF: jagofromsandiego. So Jago is my DJ name, but before that, it was my childhood nickname. I'm not from San Diego, but not many things rhyme with Jago, so San Diego had to do it.

Street: Anything we forgot to ask?

AR: You didn't ask us what music we're listening to right now. That would have to be Magdalena Bay, our good friend Mica Tenenbaum (C'18). Everyone should check her out on Spotify if you're looking for some good indie pop.

JF: Magdalena Bay is the past, the future, and the present!


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